Sunday, December 13, 2015

Teen Stands Up To Teacher

His anti-gun teacher assigned her students to find 3 people for, and 3 people AGAINST gun control to find out what they think. Unfortunately, for her, this student's mother not only ENCOURAGED discussion about current events at home, but WAS a licensed gun carrier.
The teacher, when asked by this student about her own views, said she thought all “concealed carriers” should not only be disarmed, but be imprisoned. To which he replied that his mother WAS one of those “evil” licensed gun carriers and would only use it for self defense, and further, would “step in front of this anti-gun teacher” and “take a bullet” for her, if necessary. This article doesn't reveal the teacher's response, but I'd bet it was priceless. I hope this teen got a decent grade on this assignment, but knowing the way the anti-gun fools react to opposition, I doubt it. (Bearing Arms)

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