Wednesday, December 9, 2015

It Happened Again

Every day now, there's another one. This time in Neenah, WI. And I'm waiting (it won't be long, now) before Obama and other fools go on TV and demand more of the USELESS laws now on the books that FAILED to prevent yet another shooting spree. It's so predictable that we don't need to wait for it, and we can probably tell you exactly what he'll be saying as he works HARD to disarm Americans. Obama, apparently WANTS us to be completely DEFENSELESS when idiots walk in and start killing us. Mass shootings ARE increasing as he goes about doing everything he can to make it easier for them to kill us without opposition, until “men with guns” arrive to oppose them AFTER they've already killed a bunch of innocent people. It goes without saying that if a few people were there with their own guns, maybe they could have killed the shooter BEFORE he was able to kill people, instead of AFTER. And such shootings will only INCREASE as more and more “Syrian refugees” (many of whom ARE Islamic terrorists) come here, at OUR expense, whether we like it, or not. (WGN)

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