Thursday, December 17, 2015

Illegal Gun Owner List

You wanted “background checks” for gun buyers? You got it. Right along with it you're getting the ILLEGAL list of gun owners you DIDN'T want. Obama is using the NICS to compile an ILLEGAL list of gun owners, for use later when he manages to get his “gun confiscation” plan in operation. And if you don't think he has one, remember that his biggest disappointment in his presidency is his FAILURE to be able to BAN GUNS for everybody. He doesn't put it that way, but that's what he means. And if you submitted to a background check, your name is ON that list and he can “come and get” your guns whenever he's ready. He has issued 23 UNCONSTITUTIONAL “executive orders” about “controlling guns.” And he has signaled his intent to issue more. And if you don't think an excuse for confiscation is in the works, you're nuts. The law says NO government agency can use the NICS information, but its use is to be “monitored” by the very agency the law is designed to keep from misusing the information. What a “grand swindle” THAT is! (Freedom Outpost)

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