Thursday, December 24, 2015

Less Gun Control

That’s what Americans want. That’s what a recent Gallup poll showed. 55% of Americans wanted less gun control as we know it. Which makes me ask, what’s WRONG with the other 65%? Do they LIKE being defenseless when criminals, who don’t obey laws, come at them with their ILLEGAL guns. Restricting your access to the means for self-protection, a gun, seems to be the “fall-back position” for most politicians, even though they KNOW their laws and regulations don’t work. They do NOTHING to curb gun violence. They KNOW that in areas where the laws allow honest people to be armed for self-protection, violent crime takes a nose-dive.” But they don’t listen. They know it all. They “know” the way to curb gun violence is to not let YOU have a gun. They also know that their laws and regulations KILL people. Their “no gun zones” are an INVITATION to crazies to “come in and shoot us; we aren’t going to be armed.” But logic doesn’t faze them. They know it all and we know nothing, right? (Personal Liberty Digest)

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