Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Obama Ain't Gonna Like It!

The recent video put out by Wayne LaPierre, perennial vice president of the NRA tells it like it IS, not as Obama would wish it to be. He points out that the current gun laws ALREADY on the books don't work, mainly because they don't ENFORCE them. He shows that one of the WORST cities for gun control is Obama's own home town, Chicago, which has some of the TIGHTEST gun laws in the country, coupled with the HIGHEST gun death rates in the nation. Why is that? Because the “authorities” don't enforce them. He points out that most gun deaths are because of gun fights between rival gang members, none of whom have LEGAL guns. So obviously, gun laws would have NO EFFECT on them. They completely ignore the fact that, where honest, law-abiding people have their own guns, crime predictably goes DOWN. Meanwhile, Obama continues to push for more of his USELESS gun laws that he doesn't enforce, while he blames the NRA for his own failings. The NRA is tired of him blaming them for HIS shortcomings and that's what this video is all about. Click the link and watch it. I think you'll agree. (The Right to Bear)

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