Saturday, December 12, 2015

Open Carry? "Death Sentence"

That's what Pinellas County, Florida Sheriff Bob Gaultieri threatens. He says his officers will treat open carriers as dangerous criminals, and will have his deputies SHOOT many of them. In other words, he's threatening to MURDER lawful gun carriers if he sees their guns. It's this kind of MORON that should make it necessary to have a way to get RID of such fools before he commits a serious crime, thinking he is some kind of a DICTATOR. The sheriff doesn't realize that if he, or one of his deputies carries out that threat, and an innocent open carrier is killed or injured, he is opening himself up to a million dollar lawsuit, and maybe will find himself in prison for MURDER. I think an immediate RECALL effort should be made against this sheriff before he commits MURDER by killing or injuring a LEGAL open carrier. And whomever has the authority to arrest a sheriff should do so, charging him with making “terrorist threats.” (Gun Free Zone)

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