Friday, December 11, 2015

"Gun Control" Won't Work

Josh Earnest, Obama's current mouthpiece, was asked which one of Obama's “new gun laws” would have prevented ANY of the mass shootings that have happened. He couldn't come up with a single one, and changed the subject. He started talking about Obama's new idea to ban anybody on the “terrorist SUSPECT list (who have not been CONVICTED of being a terrorist) from buying a gun. The fact that the 165 page memo stating the reasons for putting names on the list is so vague that they have been known to put CHILDREN as young as 18 months on it.

Now they want to use this list to ban those on it from being able to own a gun. Meanwhile, the list is so secret that you'll never know your name is on it until you try to do something (like buying a gun) that is on the list of things they use to put your name on it. And, once on the list, it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get it removed.. This is a “backdoor effort” at banning guns for everybody. That list, under Bush, had something like 47,000 names on it. Under Obama, it has grown to 700,000. (Town Hall)

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