Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Got Guns? "No Kids!"

A Nevada couple went out of their way to help kids. They were foster parents to three of them, happily so, it was. So when somebody threatened them, they brought out their guns to protect them. Only problem, the rule had been recently changed, and CPS removed their foster parent credentials because owning guns were no longer allowed for foster parents. Of course, they didn't know that (yet), when they used their guns to protect their children (nobody had bothered to tell them). Now the “powers-that-be” have decided to make them “easy targets” for the next bunch of criminals that come after them, by taking away their right to have guns, in VIOLATION of the Second Amendment of the Constitution. It's a violation, and they know it. But they don't care. They can CLAIM it's a “bureaucratic decision” and isn't prohibited by the Constitution. That's a lie, but they'll use it, anyway. That's how they “get around” the Constitution. (The Right to Bear)

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