Tuesday, December 22, 2015

But Who Cares?

It is suggested that Obama might be “keeping an eye on” Sheriff Paul Barbeu of Pinal County, Arizona after he advised the citizens of his county to “arm yourselves and take the necessary training to be able to defend yourselves until we can get there.” Obama doesn't like to be opposed, even by such “small fry” as a county sheriff. So he's probably planning as much disruption to this sheriff's life as possible, probably beginning with an “anal exam” by the IRS. Followed by as much trouble he can make for him with his various bureaucracies and those THOUSANDS of “regulations” he put out with NO input from Congress, just as if he had that authority. But who cares if he has a special; hatred for this sheriff? He's an elected official, and unless he has something REAL in his background that can be discovered, he's able to go right along without worries. If Obama ever read the things I say about him, I'd get the “treatment,” too. But I'm not worried. If I do, I'll then know I did some good. If they give me an “anal exam,” I'll blow them out of the room. (The Right to Bear)

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