Saturday, December 19, 2015

Nancy Gets Blocked

Nancy Peelosi Democrat FORMER House Speaker, tried to get funding for “research into “gun violence” by the “Centers for Disease Control, though I can't see the possible interest by this outfit, since gun violence ISN'T a disease. I guess it's just a convenient place for her to use in wrongfully condemning legal gun ownership, while criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists have no trouble getting their ILLEGAL guns. What the hell he thinks they're going to “find” escapes me, too. It's a simple fact that DISARMING yourself does NOT lead to self-defense But she's apparently not intelligent enough to perceive that. Like most anti-gun fools, she thinks all you have to do is pass more of the USELESS laws that have NOT prevented gun violence in the past, and gun violence will magically disappear. I have a question fpr Nancy: if guns don't help stop gun violence, why do you go around surrounded wioth ARMED security? Do you, like another well-known anti=gun fool (Sen. Diane Feinstein) have your own gun, just in case your armed protectors fu... er, screw up? (Guns)

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