Thursday, December 31, 2015

"Not An Individual Right"

It amazes me how people who are SUPPOSED to be intelligent can READ words and MISUNDERSTAND them, on purpose. The Illinois legislature has a bill before it even now to declare our Second Amendment right NOT to be an “individual right,” when the Constitution says clearly that it IS! It says, “NO LAW shall be made abridging the right of Americans to be armed!” What is there about that they don't understand? They base their ignorance on the “militia factor,” saying you had to be a member of an “organized militia” to have a gun, when organized militias DID NOT EXIST at the time the Constitution was written. so they COULD NOT HAVE meant that. What they DID mean was that ALL AMERICANS were considered to be part of a “militia” and could be “called up” in case of an emergency to defend the nation. It is a purposeful MISREADING of the Constitution to allow themselves to disarm honest people while criminals have NO PROBLEM getting their guns. (Illinois General Assembly)

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