Thursday, December 10, 2015

Chief Anti-Gun Fool

Obama just released a patently unconstitutional “presidential order” that contained these things: One, a determination that the NRA is a “terrorist organization” because they trained people to handle guns properly and are a stalwart supporter of the Second Amendment and our RIGHT to be armed; Second, an immediate ban on centerfire ammunition; Third, an immediate ban on “military style weapons,” forgetting completely that HIS forces are the best customers for, and users of, such weapons; Four, a mandate for the creation of “drop-off centers” where Americans would be expected to “turn in their guns” to the government. That's a “forlorn hope” that anybody (but the gullible) will turn any in.

He also ILLEGALLY “raided” the homes of top NRA officials. The “blowback” was immediate. Obama was accused of being a traitor and his immediate removal from office was demanded. People “bought out” gun stores, even though he ordered the NICS Operations Center closed in an attempt to stem the “run” on the gun stores. A significant number of sheriffs and police chiefs pledged that they would OPPOSE any attempt by the feds to enforce these orders. This article is a parody, but is something that COULD happen, in the NEAR future. Is this the beginning of a coup to overthrow this wanna-be dictator? Maybe. An attempt by the British at gun control in the colonies was the spark that ignited the revolutionary war that created this nation and booted the British out as running it. Could it happen again? (Bearing Arms)

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