Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Make Them Defenseless

After a football player was killed, Obama predictably comes out of the woodwork with more demands to take away people's guns so they can't defend themselves against shooters like this, whose gun is probably not legally purchased, anyway. Zaevion Dobson , a rising school football star, was killed putting his body in front of three young girls as an UNOPPOSED shooter tried to kill them all. He is called a hero, and that's right. He also wasn't too smart to give up his life that way. Obama says, “He's a hero at 15, but what's our excuse for not acting? I got a clue for ya, Obama: your idea of “gun control” doesn't stop a single illegal shooting. THAT'S our “excuse.” What's YOUR excuse for your stupidity? If somebody with a gun, and will and skill to use it were there, maybe he wouldn't be a “dead hero.” Instead, the shooter would be the only one dead. (NBC)

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