Thursday, December 24, 2015

Killing Gun Control

In Kansas, they’re trying to kill local gun control altogether. They’re trying to make a law BLOCKING all local efforts to “control” guns, saying the multiplicity of laws already on the books confuses the efforts of the “authorities” to lower gun violence. Which is silly, at best. The entire PREMISE is wrong: the current laws do NOTHING to lower gun violence. To attempt to stop local authorities from enforcing ANY kind of gun laws is short-sighted at best. The emphasis should be on the KIND of gun control laws that are to be enforced. Current laws concentrate on the GUN, while they should be concentrating on the SHOOTER. Punishing people much more harshly for committing a crime WITH a gun, than without. You say there are already laws on the books to do that. Yes, there are. But they’re mostly “throwaway” charges used as a “bargaining chip” to get confessions to other crimes, rather than being ENFORCED. What they’re doing in Kansas will put “gun control” completely into the hands of the feds—which is not a good thing, because they’re worse “anti-gun fools” than anybody. (Topeka-Capital Journal)

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