Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Why Must She Be Half Naked?

I Just watched a video that showed a foxy female shoot a gun and almost kill herself when the recoil made the gun hit her in the nose. But the most interesting thing is that she was almost NAKED from the waist up. Above the waist, she was wearing only a black bra while the MAN in the picture was fully dressed. Don't get me wrong. I like seeing a foxy chick half (or all the way) naked as much as the next guy. I just question her being that way in this situation. It's like my criticism of the new Fox show called, “Outnumbered,” featuring four sexy women wearing dresses that go no further than five inches below their crotches when they sit down, and ONE man, fully dressed. It's almost like that is a “dress code” for women involved in ANYTHING. The man is always fully dressed, and the woman is half naked. It's the same in magician shows, and dance shows. I think that's unfair to women. It's not that I want to see MAN half-dressed (ick!), I just feel insulted by the way they treat women. (Bearing Arms)

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