Saturday, February 21, 2015

Comedian Blows Gun-Grabbers Away

I swear, the anti-gun fools will say ANYTHING to get their false and useless “gun laws” passed. They're claiming the founders only meant MUSKETS should be freely owned. That they were so STUPID they couldn't possibly have foreseen the improvements in gun technology. But the Constitution applied to the type of guns that are in use in ANY time period. It's also obvious that they KNEW gun technology would not remain the same to this day so the Constitution was made to apply to those guns IN USE at any given time period. Anybody with ANY intelligence knows they wouldn't make the Constitution apply ONLY to guns in use in THEIR lifetime. That WOULD be stupid. To think so is STUPID! But they don't really think so; they just want US to think so. Maybe somebody needs to remind them that CRIMINALS don't OBEY laws. Naaahhh! They wouldn't listen. They hear only what they WANT to hear. (Freedom Outpost)

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