Thursday, February 5, 2015

"Good Guys With Guns"

When you encounter a “bad guy with a gun,” who do you call? A GOOD GUY with a gun, of course! Why would you call somebody who was DISARMED to counter the threat of an ARMED criminal? Gun grabbers still don't get the truth of that, which is simple common sense. They insist that the way to self-defense is to “dial 9/11—and wait. While that armed criminal continues to threaten you. Of course, you might be DEAD before the cops get there, but they can “clean up” the scene, and MAYBE catch the bad guy, later. But you won't know about it because you'll be dead. The idea that it would be a good thing for you to have your own gun since you're already there and can “take out” the armed criminal—before he can kill you doesn't occur to them. So they keep on making their USELESS laws that CRIMINALS, who don't obey laws anyway, routinely ignore, and say that “reduces gun violence” when it doesn't. All it does is make it easier for the armed criminal to victimize us because we are DISARMED. (USCCA)

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