Monday, February 2, 2015

Is He Totally Stupid?

Eric Holder has “gone 'round the bend” if he thinks owners of ILLEGAL guns will obey his newest idea for a law requiring gun owners to VOLUNTARILY wear an ID bracelet. This is technology we use to keep track of CRIMINALS on parole, and Holder thinks gun owners should be accorded the same treatment. During the 2015 budget hearings he also said that, in addition to tracking bracelets, things like “fingerprint scanners,” and other “science fiction” ideas were “common sense” ideas. These ideas are INSULTING to gun owners, and they simply would NOT work. Criminals will NOT obey this law. They don't obey ANY law. That's why they're called CRIMINALS. This is the BASIC FLAW in every “gun control” law that has come down the pike lately. They ONLY apply to HONEST people, and they are not the ones who need to be “controlled” in their use of guns. If they ever come up with a law that will really DO something about ILLEGAL gun ownership by punishing the USE of a gun in committing a crime, I'll be all for it. Yes, I know, they do have some of those on the books. But there is no requirement that they be USED, so they're routinely used as “bargaining chips,” dropped to get other convictions. This must STOP. (Second Amendment Insider)

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