Thursday, February 26, 2015

More "Suspected" Terrorists

They're preparing to take guns away from honest Americans by saying they “suspect” them of being terrorists. NO proof needed, Just their “suspicions.” Which explains them saying “right-wingers” are “terrorists.” It gives them backing to say YOU are a terrorist because you are against big government, high taxes, and all the other atrocities the liberals impose on you. It's yet another “go-around” of the Second Amendment, like Obama's “administrative” ban on certain kinds of ammunition. If you're determined to disarm the nation, ANYTHING that will make guns useless works. They're doing everything they can to make it hard for American citizens to have the means of self-defense at a time when Islamic terrorists are threatening to bring their atrocities here, where the only thing that stopped the Japanese from invading the mainland was the idea of “a gun behind every blade of grass.” Mark it. Obama is going to get you killed. (The Blaze)

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