Thursday, February 19, 2015

They Can't Ban Guns

So they want to ban bullets. The gun-haters will do anything to make the guns they can't ban by law USELESS. They're making it obvious that they want to ban guns, in spite of the fact that they can't. There's no REAL reason why they SHOULD ban the ammunition for the AR-15 except to make them useless in our hands. They give an exemption for ammo that is used “primarily for sporting purposes. What that has to do with anything is a mystery to me. That's a typical politician's answer to not being able to do what they want, in spite of the law. Somebody needs to “rein in” these damned fool politicians who keep wasting time and (our) money trying to ban the guns that are SPECIFICALLY protected by the Constitution. We (not me) need to quit electing these FOOLS. Way back in the 1800s when they started talking about getting rid of guns, they were roundly ridiculed. Today, not so much, though they ought to be ridiculed for their stupidity. They will NEVER LEARN that they will NEVER eliminate “gun violence” with a LAW, until they start making those laws punish USE of guns in crimes, rather than trying to keep guns out of the hands of EVERYBODY. All today's gun laws ignore the fact that the reference to an “organized militia” in the constitution referred to “ALL THE PEOPLE,” not just to members of a type of militia that was unknown at the time it was written. (The Patriot Post)

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