Sunday, February 1, 2015

Cops Don't Carry Giuns

That's true in several countries in Europe, and in France particularly. No wonder we're always having to pull their fat out of the fire. The French government apparently is not too smart. They let their cops decide whether or not to carry guns so they will not be as helpless as are most civilians, because crooks ALWAYS carry guns. It's stupid to disarm the populace, and DOUBLY stupid to disarm the cops, as was PROVED in France the day two Islamic terrorists (self-described) blew away eleven staff members of a newspaper that had the temerity to publish PICTURE of “the prophet. One cop paid the ultimate price for deciding to try and go up against ARMED criminals without his own gun. He was MURDERED, almost as an afterthought by one of those armed CRIMINALS. (The Right to Bear)

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