Thursday, February 12, 2015

Now It's "Terrorism"

Since Obama was elected, most objections to anything he does (and now anything any liberal does) is “racism.”: But now they've got a new word: “terrorism.” The pro-gun people in Texas are being called, “terrorists” because they want the means to self-defense, a gun—and the right to carry it. Do these fools really think we BELIEVE this crap? They love to throw around words like this, meanwhile accusing US of “inflammatory rhetoric.” they're so easy to see through, it's surprising that they make ANY progress whatsoever. By doing so, they minimize the effect of REAL terrorism like the murder of 3,000 people at the World Trade Center, of the public burning of a Jordanian pilot—or the BEHEADING of CHILDREN by Islamic terrorists. It's an INSULT to our intelligence to call pro-gun people “terrorists,” but they don't care. They just want to advance their agenda by ANY means necessary (Daily Caller)

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