Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Girl Stops A Shooting

Sarah Cherry's father was robbed at gunpoint some time ago, so she started carrying a gun to work, at his suggestion. And it's a good thing she did, because three armed robbers tried to rob the Domino's at which she worked. And they ended up dodging HER bullets. They're probably still running. Criminals don't like people shooting at THEM. She, and her father, who also works at this Domino's store, will probably be fired because of Domino's misguided rule that their employees cannot be armed while at work. Her father says, “We'll probably be fired, but we will not stop defending ourselves.” Papa John's reconsidered the same policy for its stores when another female foiled a robbery there with her own gun. They gave her an inside job and offered her counseling. I don't much like telling these stories because they're now becoming too numerous as more and more Americans carry their own guns for self-defense, even if it is against the law. It's getting to the point where people who carry guns are just too numerous for them to arrest them all. I'm not usually in favor of violating the law, but some laws are just too STUPID to obey, (Daily Caller)

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