Friday, February 6, 2015

Waiting to Be Arrested

In Washington State, revolting gun owners, now illegal carriers, are waiting for the state to get off their butts and arrest them. ALL. I think they'll have to wait a long time if those “authorities” are smart. There aren't enough jails in existence to hold them all and they don't want to try it and make it plain what we all know. That when they made those laws, they “bit off more than they could chew.” Oh, there may be a spate of arrests by cops who “didn't get the memo.” But I'd bet none of them will get very far unless they arrest ALL of the people defying their law. It'll be a simple case of “selective law enforcement.” I'd give odds that these laws will not last out the year before being repealed, as impossible to enforce. There has to be SOMEBODY there with the INTELLIGENCE to see that. (AmmoLand)

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