Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Taking Over A Government

Elsewhere, we published an item on things to do to destroy a nation. One thing we didn't talk about there is to disarm the citizens. Even though this is a prerequisite to a “takeover' of a nation. Hitler knew it; Stalin and Lenin knew it, Castro knew it, and every other would-be dictator knows it. They use “good-sounding reasons,” but the REAL reason is so that we will not have guns with which to resist THEIR “takeover” and creation of a dictatorship. They “jump up and down” and call us extremists every time we bring this out, but it has proven to be true so many times it is no longer in question, except in their “fevered minds,” One thing that is a CONSTANT in our society, and that is the attempts, by many of our politicians, to disarm us. The ones who do, are the ones to FEAR as they grab more and more power while working HARD to disarm us. (Brian Knowles)

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