Tuesday, February 17, 2015

"Lassitude and Passivity"

That's how columnist Charles Krauthammer described Obama's reactions to Islamic terrorist atrocities. We needn't even mention him (Obama) going out golfing right after ISIS announced the MURDEROUS beheadings of 21 Christians, exhibiting his complete disdain for the Christians and APPROVAL of the terrorist actions. Throughout, Obama has done many things to HELP the Islamic terrorists, among them refusing to even MENTION the Islamic nature of the terrorism while RELEASING bloody murderers from GITMO to go back and kill more non-believers. I'm almost reluctant to use the word ATROCITIES to describe what the ISLAMIC terrorists do, but I can't find a more expressive word that hasn't also been overused.

And they're LISTENING. They even referenced Obama's bogus comparison of the Crusades (which was the Christian RESPONSE to the ATROCITIES BY THE then Islamic terrorists) to their CURRENT CRIMES, as if there were a good reason to do so. What we need is ANOTHER “Crusade,” less atrocities committed against US to search for sympathizers. We need to “go after” the Islamic terrorists with EVERYTHING we have, instead of continuing the TEPID RESPONSE Obama has tried, so as not to hurt them too much, while keeping his “plausible deniability” about his APPROVAL of their atrocities. We need to treat this as the World War it is, instead of just trying to “limit” them and “control” them. We need to DESTROY them, “root and branch.” another thing we need to do is see to it ALL Americans can be armed, to defend ourselves when they come to our shores to kill US. They have promised to do so, and I BELIEVE them. Frankly, I think many of them are already here, just hiding and waiting for orders. (Just common sense)

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