Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mall of Americas Bans Guns

Do they really think that will keep the terrorists who have threatened them away? Al-Shibab has already threatened to attack them. That's against the law. Do they really think a sign saying guns are banned will make them stop and say among themselves, “Hey! They don't allow guns here! So we'd better go somewhere else.” How stupid ARE they? Frankly, ALL “no-gun zones” are stupid. They presume that LAWBREAKERS will OBEY their “rules?” Not a chance! Such rules and posted signs are an INVITATION to those who want to come in and shoot up the place. Moreover, they should be REMOVED for the safety of their customers. Their customers should DEMAND it! For their OWN safety. And they should do their shopping somewhere else if they refuse. Are they REALLY as stupid as to think that a CRIMINAL, who disobeys laws by his very profession, will OBEY their “no-gun” rule? (Washington Times)

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