Sunday, February 15, 2015

Gun-Grabbers Lose--Again

“After a long legal battle, in 2014 Illinois passed legislation allowing citizens to legally carry concealed firearms. Since last March, the state has issued approximately 91,000 concealed carry permits. Gun control advocates feared the new law would lead to increased crime, but now, with some experience behind them, state officials are are saying the fears were unfounded.” Surprise, surprise! I'm proved right, again! But will the anti-gun fools admit it and go home to “lick their wounds?” Not a chance! Those stone heads want to disarm the citizens of the United States, for whatever reason. (I know the reason, but nobody listens to me). They've got it in their heads that allowing the general population to be armed legally will “put a crimp in their style,” and they're determined to stop it, whatever they have to do.

They found that the 91,000 concealed carry permits they issued in just this one state did NOT cause a significant increase in violent crime. McClean County Sheriff Joe Sandage says, “We haven’t seen any abuses of (the law) or people carrying into places where they’re not allowed to,” Sandage continued, adding that “by and large, the people getting concealed-carry permits are responsible gun owners, and they’re going to follow the law as it’s written.” “It's all been a 'non-event,' says Decatur Police Chief Brad Sweeny. “Legalization has not caused mass chaos, according to Sweeney.” Now we just have to brace for the gun-grabbers' next move. It will attack a peripheral, but one that is necessary for a gun to be useful—like banning or severely controlling AMMUNITION, which is NOT protected by the Constitution. They don't care if we have guns, as long as they're made useless. (Second Amendment Insider)

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