Friday, February 13, 2015

Signal to Thieves

It's okay. Go ahead and steal from us. We won't try and catch you. We'll fire anybody who does. That's the message Wal-Mart sent when they fired one of their managers for following, and catching a shoplifter who ran with $1,000.00 worth of merchandise. They told the world that was against store policy. He should have left that to the cops—who weren't there. They usually aren't. They're so afraid of being SUED for something, they'd rather let a thief get away. The manager was fired for “gross misconduct,” which means no other Wal-Mart can hire him. If I were him. I'D sue them for improper firing and overstating the reasons. If they're so worried about being sued, I'd give them an even better reason. To fire a man for “gross misconduct” for doing something that SHOULD be approved, and costing him his $50,000.00 salary is, in my opinion, actionable. This is like their stupid “gun-free zone” in their stores. That sends criminals a different message. (Last Resistance)

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