Friday, February 20, 2015

Ask A Dumb Question

One question being asked on the Internet today is this: “Would you go into a restaurant that allowed guns?” My answer is an emphatic “Yes.” “Gun-free zones” are an INVITATION to those who would VICTIMIZE people stupid enough to believe good people with guns are dangerous to anybody but a criminal. So, yes. I WOULD go into a restaurant that allowed guns so, so I wouldn't be like a woman doctor in Texas, who had to watch while a shooter murdered her parents because Texas law wouldn't allow her to carry the gun she was LICENSED to carry into the restaurant. It is stupidity like this that gets people KILLED. We''re living in an increasingly dangerous world, as witness the man who walked up to some people waiting for a bus just outside Detroit and stabbed them when they answered, “No” to his question, “Are you a Muslim?” More and more it has become obvious that we MUST have our own weapons to be safe, today. (Just common sense)

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