Sunday, February 22, 2015

Crook's "Risk Assessment"

A recent study that asked convicted criminals what they feared most in committing a crime proved (again) what I've been saying, all along.” Their answer was, to a man: “the possibility of an armed victim.” One small Pennsylvania town is listening, and is DOING something about it. In most other towns, they're purring up signs saying “this is a gun-free zone” and getting people killed. This town is putting signs up saying, This is NOT a gun-free zone” and criminals are staying away from it like it was a “Plague” zone because they FEAR any place where their intended victims MIGHT be armed. Of course, one fearful liberal just had to whine, ”I think it gives the area a feeling that I’m not sure the people want to convey,” Deb Garber said. “Knowing guns are around doesn’t make me feel any safer.” Naturally, she blames the guns, and not the people (crooks). This is typical liberal knee-jerk reaction. (Raw Story)

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