Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Already Too Many Guns

The anti-gun fools whine about there being “too many guns” out there if we okay “concealed carry” laws. I got a clue for them. There are ALREADY too many guns out there, and they're ALL illegal, and in the hands of CRIMINALS. All that will happen if we start allowing honest, responsible people to carry guns in self-defense against those illegally armed criminals is that there will be fewer cases of criminals robbing and shooting honest people because they're defenseless. It's like Russia and the U. S. having “mutually assured destruction,” but on a local scale. The problem with the anti-gun fools is that they don't have any confidence in the ability of honest, reliable people to resist shooting one another over piddling things if they're armed. Even the CRIMINALS don't do that, for the most part, with their ILLEGAL guns. These people need to wake up to reality. (Just common sense)

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