Sunday, February 22, 2015

"Background Checks Don't Work"

But the Washington Post still supports them, as well as several other anti-gun laws that don't work. I guess they, like other anti-gun fanatics, just don't care if their useless laws don't work to accomplish their stated goals. They just want to disarm everybody who OBEYS laws, as criminals do not. At least two foreign reporters say, “In Europe, getting a gun may be difficult, but terrorists still don't have much trouble getting guns.” Foreign reporters have always been a lot smarter than American reporters. It's instructive that the recent terrorist attacks in France were committed with fully automatic rifles that are ILLEGAL in France. So what the hell good did their anti-gun laws do for those eleven people who were murdered in the name of Allah? Reporters note that these killers, who used to be small-time crooks, got their guns with “relative ease.” (Daily Caller)

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