Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Gun Law Stupidity

In an example of how STUPID the gun-grabbers are, a 72-year-old “antiquities collector” had an antique flintlock pistol he had purchased for his collection in his glove box. It was unloaded and wrapped in a rag. A cop stopped him and asked for permission to search his vehicle. Not thinking about the stupidity of the anti-gun crowd, he said okay. The cop asked him the usual question about, “Is there anything in there I should worry about?” Not thinking an antique pistol, unloaded, was a danger, he answered, “No.” When the cop found the gun, he arrested him for “Legal Insurrection,” whatever THAT is. (after thinking about it for a day and consulting with other gun-grabbers).”. That is a FELONY carrying a ten year sentence, which, for a 72-year-old man amounts to a LIFE SENTENCE.

For a useless ANTIQUE gun, that was UNLOADED. What they arrested him on what was a “SUBJECTIVE LAW, where the COP decided the gun was “dangerous” and arrested him for lying to him. In reality, the gun is a RELIC, and if you tried to fire it, you'd probably lose a hand. “But that makes no difference in New Jersey. "New Jersey has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, and it classifies antique firearms the same way it classifies regular guns [Can you imagine how STUPID that is? -RT]. Attorney Evan Nappen, who specializes in gun law cases, said despite the antique nature of the flintlock pistol, Van Gilder is 'facing the same draconian penalty as if he had a .44 magnum loaded on his person … There’s no distinction'.” Which is about as STUPID as it gets. I think New Jersey Governor Christie ought to pardon him (if he has any sense at all) and see to it these laws are REPEALED, as too stupid to exist.

Gun laws as they are now constituted are stupid enough. Really STUPID gun laws are quite something else. Where this guy made his first mistake is in giving his PERMISSION for the cop to search his car. I wouldn't do that under ANY circumstances. It's NOBODY'S BUSINESS what I carry in my car, and it's my RIGHT to deny them permission to search it, even if the cop thinks I would only refuse if I had something to hide. I care NOT what that cop thinks. That's not law.. He should have said, “No” and not lost the LAST ten years of his life to a really STUPID charge, by really STUPID people. Even if Christie does the right thing and pardons him, he will have still lost a lot of time and money defending himself. And if he DOES go to prison for ten years on this BOGUS charge, that will REALLY be an ATROCITY. (World Net Daily)

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