Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Domino's Driver Shot

We just published a story about a Domino's driver who, contrary to Domino's rules, carried her gun while working. She may well lose her job over it, but she's still alive to tell her story. In this case, the Domino's driver, who was UNARMED, was SHOT from ambush while making a delivery, and was unable to defend himself. He is now in critical condition with a chest wound. They probably won't fire him, but if he's smart, he will not return to this job, where they apparently don't care about the safety of their employees. The job of delivering pizzas is the seventh most dangerous job in America, but Domino's (and other pizza companies) continue to insist on this short-sighted policy that puts their drivers in danger on the off-chance they MIGHT be sued by the families of robbers if they shoot BACK. (Bearing Arms)

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