Monday, February 9, 2015

They're Doing It Again

Lawmakers in Washington, DC never learn. What's that “:definition of insanity?” doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result? They lost the last time they attempted to put an arbitrary limit on the size of magazines for use in the guns of HONEST people (completely ignoring the fact that CRIMINALS don't OBEY laws), which will mean that when a crook confronts an honest person with a gun, all he has to do is wait until he fires ten shots, then he'll be disarmed, as usual, so he can then go out and kill him with his extended capacity magazine gun, obtained ILLEGALLY. They've “dusted off” the old, tired law limiting all guns to ten-bullet magazines and are trying to get it passed, again. It probably won't happen, for the same reason it didn't pass before. But, hey! They can always say they're “still trying” to “stop gun violence,” can't they? (Gunalizer)

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