Wednesday, February 25, 2015

"All Gun Owners Are Criminals?"

That's what “ironically-named” Leah Gun-Barrett, head of “New Yorkers Against Gun Violence” thinks. She actually SAID it recently. She's about as stupid as the politician who said that “right-wingers” are worse than Islamic terrorists.” If that's true, maybe we should put all the cops and government agents in prison. What? her statement didn't include them, you say? That's about as stupid as SAYING it. I know those who think a LAW will stop a CRIMINAL, who doesn't OBEY laws, from having a gun are really stupid, but this shows a level of stupidity I didn't think existed. The “anti-gun crowd” all think there is NOBODY who is responsible enough not to kill people over trifles if they were able to carry their own guns. Which just illustrates how STUPID they are. But to come right out in the open with it? That's just ABYSMALLY stupid. (Bearing Arms)

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