Monday, February 2, 2015

They Call It Stupid

But it might just work, since they don't allow ANY guns to be legally brought into schools, except by UNIFORMED officers, who can be “taken out” early by a potential mass shooter. They want children to bring CANNED GOODS to school as possible missiles throw at a shooter. In the absence of any guns, except those in the hands of the mass shooters, a heavy object like a can of food just might work, although something heavier like a heavy ash tray or a large lamp would work better if the thrower has good aim. I'm sure there are many heavy objects all around schools that could be used, if people can be trained to think that way. A jar of peanut butter would work as well, but only if it was thrown accurately, before the shooter knows what's happening. But it must be done carefully, lest the thrower get shot, anyway. (The Right to Bear)

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