Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Anything to Criticize

The family of a burglar who got shot practicing his “profession” are now complaining that the homeowner didn't “warn” the criminal before shooting him. How STUPID is that? Why the hell SHOULD they “warn” him? He knew that was a chance he was taking by breaking into somebody's home. He didn't NEED warning. It goes with the territory. If you're going to break into somebody's home, you're taking a chance on being shot by a frightened homeowner. I would certainly shoot an intruder before he could hurt me! It's only human nature. Maybe a COP, who has a lot of training and experience in confronting criminals, might be able to have the presence of mind to “warn” a criminal before he shoots him, but not an elderly man, home alone at night, with a stranger climbing in his window. Apparently this crook's family thinks breaking in does not merit “deadly force” being used, But Texas law disagrees.. This story wouldn't even merit mention if not for the burglar's family's ignorant reaction. (Bearing Arms)

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