Sunday, January 17, 2016

You'd Think He'd Learn

The way to self defense is NOT to disarm yourself, no matter how much liberal politicians and bureaucrats think it is. It doesn't work on an international scale, as with a unilateral ban on atomic or hydrogen bombs, and it doesn't work on a local level, with citizens and the right to “keep and bear arms” for self defense. Every time somebody shoots up a crowd with legal or ILLEGAL guns, he tries to further limit our Second amendment RIGHT to own and use a gun for self defense. It's a “knee-jerk response” with him and his kind. And by that, I DON'T mean blacks (He's as much white as he is black, anyway. He just CHOOSES to be black so he can call any criticism racism.). I mean stupid liberal politicians. But he'll never learn. His brand of “gun control” is in his DNA, and he ain't gonna change. He isn't smart enough. He makes a “big thing” about “never owning a gun,” but he doesn't NEED to. He has armed security surrounding him at OUR (taxpayer) expense. But I doubt his statement is true. They never are. (CNN)

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