Saturday, January 30, 2016

Democrats Always Lose

They always lose on gun control on a national basis, because most Americans are adamantly OPPOSED to their brand of “gun control.” Not because they are against ANY kind of gun control, but because they ARE against the USELESS gun control laws they pass, time after time, even after they are PROVED not to work and the American people are solidly OPPOSED to them. But the Democrats are NOT intelligent. They INSIST on making their USELESS laws when they KNOW they don't work, because it's not about “gun control,” it's about POWER. But they can't seem to get by the American people, who INSIST on having the means to self defense, no matter WHAT the Democrat fools think. They don't want to take away your GUNS, they want to take away your POWER. They know they're going to make laws and regulations to take what's YOURS in the future , and they don't want to be met with guns in your hands when they do. (DeanWeingarten)

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