Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Should Radical Muslims Own Guns?

A basic question has been asked: “If people with mental problems should not be able to have guns, should radical Muslims?” Which, of course, ignores a basic point. Radical Muslims (and other criminals) do not go to gun stores and buy their guns, dutifully allowing their names to be on lists of gun owners. Some do, yes. And with no previous records here, they're approved. Certain kinds of names do not necessarily mean they're Muslims. As with the killers in San Bernardino, they were OBVIOUSLY Muslims. But if they had been turned away, I'm sure they knew where to get their guns ILLEGALLY. It's a lot easier to buy guns ILLEGALLY than legally. No paperwork, no application for the gun owner's list, no waiting periods, etc. Just a bit more money handed over to another CRIMINAL in a back alley somewhere. That's the basic fallacy with LAWS against easy gun-buying. Criminals do not register their guns and get their names on lists of gun-owners, so no amount of laws will stop them from getting guns. (Breitbart)

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