Friday, January 22, 2016

No Reasoning With Obama

Everybody talks incessantly about the “partisanship” prevalent in DC. Completely ignoring the fact that the system was DESIGNED to inspire partisanship. Otherwise, why two different parties and three different co-equal branches of government? It was designed that way to keep somebody like Obama from dominating the government completely. But they forgot to make an allowance for the “opposition party” NOT opposing the “ruling class.” To Obama, NON-partisan means “knuckling under” to HIM. He will, in NO WAY “knuckle under” to the opposing party, especially since they for the most part today, don't bother to OPPOSE him. Of course, we're talking about “gun control,” although this applies to everything he does. Like the Islamic terrorists, who want only ONE THING, and that's complete capitulation to their evil "religion,” Obama demands complete capitulation to HIS idea of “gun control,” which only DISARMS law-abiding people, since they're the only ones who OBEY his absurd laws. Nothing less will satisfy him. (Daily Caller)

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