Friday, January 1, 2016

Gun Confiscation Begins

California made a law saying that they could confiscate guns from anybody that, in somebody's OPINION' was, or COULD BE a “danger to themselves or others.” All that was required was a special kind of “restraining order,” which has been handed out like candy to kids, all the time. Liberals keep saying “we don't want to take your guns.” Then they PROVE otherwise when they get enough power, which they usually do by giving out “freebies” like candy. That's what they're going to start doing in California January 1. The law allowing this is unconstitutional, but “following in the footsteps of Obama,” they don't care. By the time any case can come to the Supreme Court, they will have already “disappeared” the guns they have confiscated under this unconstitutional law, and nobody will be punished for MAKING IT. (Red State)

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