Friday, January 8, 2016

Take Away THEIR Guns!

Have you ever noticed that almost every politician who wants to take away our guns, and therefore leave us DEFENSELESS, are, themselves, surrounded by ARMED bodyguards? They say being armed is unnecessary, but they won't give up their own ARMED guards. They say they need them for protection. But what makes them so different that they get armed protection, but we don't? They tell us they aren't armed, their guards are. But it's the same thing. If they need armed guards and can afford it because WE pay for it, but we don't get them because we would have to be our own armed guards because, after paying for theirs, we can't afford to HIRE them. It's a typical example of “what's good for us is not good for you.” And some of the politicians DO carry their own guns. One notable anti-gun fool, Sen. Diane Feinstein, DOES carry her own gun, in ADDITION to being surrounded by armed guards. And there's no telling how many others do. (Bearing Arms)

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