Sunday, January 10, 2016

Just the Opposite

It's just the opposite of how things should work, according to the Constitution, which is the BASIS for ALL of our laws. Rand Paul, GOP presidential candidate, and still a Senator, has introduced legislation to stop Obama from VIOLATING the Constitution and ILLEGALLY trying to legislate by fiat on gun control. Something he hasn't been able to accomplish by conning the Congress. He still thinks he is superior to the Congress, when, according to the Constitution, which CREATED this government, he is NOT. Congress is a CO-EQUAL branch of government, and if it chooses not to act on his unconstitutional laws, they're not being “lazy,” they're doing their jobs. He is NOT “their boss,” and if they choose not to pass his pipe dreams into law, that's their RIGHT. This guy thinks he is some kind of a dictator, and he's wrong. Somebody needs to “slap him down (figuratively) and educate him on how things work in this country. (Bearing Arms)

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