Thursday, January 21, 2016

He Robbed the Wrong Store!

You've probably seen the movie in which a guy tried to rob what turned out to be a cop bar, and ended up with everybody in the bar pointing their guns at him. That's almost what happened to this guy, but the result wasn't so funny—not for him, anyway. He tried to rob a convenience store in Deerfield Beach, Florida and ended up shot to death from TWO directions, since TWO of the clerks were armed. The store owner lauded those clerks as heroes, saying he had no problem with several guns being hidden around the store by his employees. This guy probably won't get robbed any time soon, as the “bad guys” take note of this. And that's what I keep saying about more honest people being armed in self defense. The anti-gun fools keep saying that if more people could carry guns, they'd be shooting each other over traffic accidents or other trivial things. But it's those who shouldn't have guns, but get them illegally anyway, that are more likely to do that. (Guns)

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