Wednesday, January 6, 2016

"New Rules Won't Stop Gun Violence"

Obama himself admits that his new DICTATES won't stop all gun violence. So why is he wasting time and breaking the law to make them? Truth is, NONE of the “gun control laws” they've made so far will stop ANY gun violence. But they insist on making them, anyway. He says, “If they will stop ONE gun death it's worth it.” Autos kill more people that guns, so why nor ban THEM? More people die from falling off ladders than guns kill, so why not ban ladders? That's a stupid argument, but people like Obama persist on making it. Why not make laws to make it VERY expensive for people to use a gun in the commission of a crime? You know, something like an additional TEN YEARS on top of their other sentences for using a gun? And make a law making it impossible to “waive” that to get a conviction in other crimes, as they now usually do. (White House)

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