Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Obama Judge Rejects Obama

She rejected his demand to HIDE the records in the “Fast & Furious” debacle. Now he has to turn them over after deciding what to remove before he does it, as Hillary did in turning over her e-mails. Of course, we'll never know what he removed, because it will be GONE. Or he will IGNORE the judge's order like he has on many occasions in the past. Nobody seems willing to “go after” him for ignoring court orders, so why should he bother to obey them? The judge is one of Obama's appointments, but she didn't “knuckle under,” as he assumed she would. I guess she's one of the few HONEST judges who doesn't rule on politics, instead of truth. I hope the IRS doesn't “take her out,” as I'm sure they will try. In her ruling, she assured us that claiming executive privilege was not to cover up corruption (which it was), in an attempt to mollify Obama. (Politico)

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