Sunday, January 17, 2016

Remove His Security Detail

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffee (Democrat) and his attorney general (Democrat) moved to halt the recognition of “concealed carry” permits from other states. But he continues to go around surrounded by ARMED security. What a contradiction THAT is! He thinks WE should not be allowed self defense, but he maintains HIS! Virginia Senator Blill Carrico has introduced legislation to strip funding for McAuliffe's security detail, forcing him to pay for ir, himself, if he even is allowed to HAVE one. That's only fair. If he thinks WE don't rate self defense, so should he. Politicians like him (McAuliffe) NEED to be stripped of their ARMED security. Maybe they'd learn how important being armed in self defense is. Or maybe they'll die in a hail of ILLEGAL gunfire. And it'd be their own fault. (Daily Caller)

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